Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! Updates!

Greetings from The Post-Apollo Press, ready to get crackin' in 2011. First, we would like to let you know that we area currently in production on Patrick Dunagan's There Are People Who Think That Painters Shouldn't Talk : A GUSTONBOOK . The book will feature a cover drawing by our dear publisher, Simone Fattal, inspired by Philip Guston's "Untitled" (1971)

Here is what Bill Berkson and Stacy Szymaszek have to say about it:

Sometime in the late 1960s, the mode of thought and talking known as Pondering with Guston became a frequent option for poets, most of them far younger than Guston himself. Aside from his prodigious genius as a painter, Philip Guston was an adept reader of modern poetry and prose, philosophy and art history; an ardent conversationalist and a sharp writer on his own and others’ works. His multifarious Romance of Doubt was an ongoing and fructifying virtuoso performance of irony and dialectic, conscience and devilish enjoyment, sublimity and near-sublime despair. In this provocative sequence, Patrick Dunagan -- who never met the artist but knows his work cold, so to speak -- has caught the fever. Unlike others so inclined, he engages Guston’s thought very much on his home turf: Poetry, subsuming all matters of “art” (as well as other parts of daily life), is where they join. As Dunagan says, “Person is assemblage….so many comprise a whole.” The book is a form of open conversation; the reader is welcome. -- Bill Berkson

Dunagan writes, “A form is that which beckons.” Not only did this poem beckon, it put me in a state of reverberation with my own haunts. Guston’s legacy is paid homage to though the creation of a speculative (or in Guston’s term, baffling) environment. Steps forward in the world of the poem can provide “a longed for /sense of fucked up” because it’s whatever the opposite of numb is – it's the gong an artist rings to make us know that our bodies are surrounded by infinite “companion volumes.”- Stacy Szymaszek

Look out for this one! More to come!

Secondly, we have some Maribor related updates including a new review by Amy Henry on Gently Read Literature.

Plus, Demosthenes's visual/concrete work will be posted all week at TextOfTheDay

and a new artist book has been published by Red Fox Press/ C'est Mon Dada


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