Friday, August 19, 2011

Upcoming Events for Etel Adnan

* In contemporary world the political and financial conditions have not only diminished and deformed fundamental virtues of art, but have also rendered extremely difficult the substantial meeting and the flourishing dialogue between the artists of different cultures. Within the outside edges of contemporary political and financial reality, the 3rd International Meeting of Ancient Drama in Sikyon aspires to encourage the articulation of a free voice, to defend the significance of tradition, but also to support the demand of research and experimentation on theatre stage, within the framework of the contemporary dynamics. The 3rd International Meeting of Ancient Drama in Sikyon through the fundamental virtues of dynamism multi-centralism and theatrical polymorph looks at the future not nostalgically but decisively.

-Theodoros Terzopoulos Director, Artistic Director of the 3nd International Meeting of Ancient Drama.

Thursday August 25th
Etel Adnan (France)
Poet, Painter, Playwright
T o l e r a n c e
First Presentation // Read by Savvas Stroumbos
13:05-13:20 Discussion with Etel Adnan
13:20-13:30 Spyros Stamatopoulos, Mayor of Sikyonion
The Municipality of Sikyonion honours Etel Adnan

Dionysus in Exile
The Theatre of Theodoros Terzopoulos
International Conference
organised by the Dept. of Theatre Studies, Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin
23 - 24 September 2011
Griechische Kulturstiftung Berlin, Germany

For more than thirty years, Theodoros Terzopoulos has been producing a deeply political theatre, characterized by a persistent resistance against established norms and perceptions of body, space and meanings. In their performances, Terzopoulos and the Attis Theatre employ disconcerting tactics, seek to destabilize and create ambivalence. Terzopoulos stages the representational instability as an uprooting and aims at a theatre in wandering that deprives the objects from their trivial positions and settings and mobilizes feelings of inquietude. As the familiar is absent, significations become suspended allowing the development of multifocal and centrifugal arrangements. In this sense, Terzopoulos’ theatre is in exile. The symposium will explore the wandering of Terzopoulos and his theatre in space and time, in order to describe the way in which the director and his theatre destabilizes the given and displaces forms and significations, to think about the »aesthetics of the exile« as a political act of entrenchment of the unfamiliar.

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