Monday, February 7, 2011


So, as many of you know, Patrick James Dunagan's "There Are People Who Think That Painters Shouldn't Talk : A GUSTONBOOK" is now officially out in the world, and officially released as of last Friday's book release party at Lake Gallery in San Francisco. Simone Fattal our dear publisher wasn't able to join us this time as she is currently preparing for an exhibition of her sculptures in Beirut (more about that as the exhibition approaches), but she was there in spirit and in the intriguing figure of her line drawing featured on the cover of A GUSTONBOOK, and in the book's design. Many fine folks were in attendance. I especially appreciated the explicit and implicit interactions between literature and visual art made manifest in the event itself, truly in the spirit of Philip Guston himself. So, in this spirit and in the celebratory spirit of the book and of last Friday's event, I would like to use this blog to say, "Let's do this more often!"

The handsome fruits of our labors.

The handsome book and co.

The postcard for the Lake Gallery show we piggy-backed upon.
Big THANK YOU's to Dan Johnson, the curator of Lake Gallery, and to Corey French & Ryan Coffey for welcoming Post-Apollo and sharing their opening night reception with our book release party.

Sneaky photo of Patrick James Dunagan (fellow in glasses).

Sneaky photo of P.J.D. and Ava with party go-ers in foreground.

The gallery featuring artworks by Corey French & Ryan Coffey. Ryan was quoted by Patrick in A GUSTONBOOK saying, "Guston is a god". He commented that the book's cover design (by our dear publisher, Simone Fattal) reminded him of old Grey Wolf Press books--a nice compliment from an artist/bibliophile. Gobs of paint were still WET on Corey's paintings, looking good enough to EAT. And that's David Highsmith (with friends), writer and proprietor of Books & Bookshelves one of the best poetry bookstores in San Francisco with an exceptional collection of chapbooks. B&B carries Post-Apollo books, including A GUSTONBOOK.

Gorgeous Lake Gallery interior with PLANTS and evidence of a great turnout. Lake Gallery occupies the space above PlantIt Earth. There were flats of basil and other plants growing all around us under white and even purple grow lights. Super attractive.

Drew Cushing, writer and publisher of Bent Boy Books, perusing the merchandise.

John Sakkis, poet and translator of Post-Apollo's Maribor represents.

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